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ALL Medical Research takes great pride in our staff members. They are all highly qualified professionals who have been meticulously chosen. They share strong commitment to their jobs and are well aware of the importance of their practice.

Dedicated to providing the best possible services, our ambitious team members possess in-depth knowledge and vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Their proven abilities to manage responsible and reliable research trials is priceless. They all stand by to help our patients, making a significant contribution to the development of new life saving treatments and medicines.


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Lorena Lewy-Alterbaum, MD FACE

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Board Certified in Endocrinology, well known, recognized Endocrinologist in the South Florida area with admitting rights in the Memorial Hospital Health System in Broward County, Florida. The Focus of her Practice is Internal Medicine and Endocrinology and Metabolism. In Private Practice since 1992, Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum is always looking to grow and to that end, Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum has expanded her office to include a research site. In 2012 she opened ALL Medical Research, LLC. She is very proud of our research staff abilities. Our staff is well trained in GCP and research procedures with a vast number of medical research experience. Our site also has established relationships with Podiatrists, OBGYN, Gastroenterologist, and Nephrologists, as an extension of our research practice. Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum is bilingual, Spanish and English.

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Patricia Lewy Brewster, MBA

Director of Operations

Patricia and Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum founded ALL Medical Research, LLC in June of 2012. Patricia brings a corporate perspective to the site. Armed with an MBA and a degree in Architecture, Patricia’s organizational skills and uncanny desire to design efficient work processes serves our site quite well. Patricia also, has the ability to juggle and manage many competing priorities with a smile.. As the Director of the Site, Patricia negotiates the Contracts and Budgets, Manages the Site and Staff and keeps on top of the work processes and schedules aligned for the site and the investigators. Patricia is bilingual, Spanish and English.

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Mileydis Rivero

Laboratory Manager

Mileydis joined ALL Medical Research, LLC as a Lab Technician in 2013. Mileydis came to us from Cuba via Angola as recently as 2013 and started working in Research as soon as she arrived in the US. Mileydis is a Pathologist trained in Cuba with a Master Degree in Clinical Laboratory. Mileydis is also an Medical Assistant and a Certified Phlebotomist. Miledys is tri-lingual, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

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Lara Hoffman, PA


Lara started with ALL Medical Research, LLC as a Sub-Investigator in 2012. Lara has worked with Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum for almost 10 years. Lara graduated as a Physician Assistant and came to work for Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum. When the Practice expanded into Research, Lara was willing to jump in and learn about Research. A quick learner, she quickly became a Sub-I for many of Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum studies. Lara is bilingual, Hebrew and English. Lara is a great addition to our Research Team.


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